About us


If you want to improve housing conditions or renovate business premises.
You only need us!
We design and carry out construction works.
We perform the following tasks:

- Preparation of a project for the reconstruction of an apartment or business premises.
- Submission of necessary documents for approval to the building register.
- Preparation of construction documentation.
- Relocating the kitchen.
- Connecting the kitchen and the room.
- Milling of door openings in load-bearing walls and, if necessary, strengthening with metal structures.
- Demolition of load-bearing walls and partitions.
- Cutting openings between floors.
- Dismantling of bathroom cabins.
- Performing finishing works after dismantling at the customer's request.

Example No. 1

The client decided to make the entrance to the kitchen from the room and to increase the area of the bathroom due to the small corridor.
1. The designer's trip to the object, getting to know the client's wishes, consultation, concluding the contract.
2. Our team prepares a construction project.
3. Submits the construction project to the building register for coordination with the city government. This will take about 30 working days.
4. After the project is approved, the construction team starts work.
5. We prepare the rooms to protect the apartment from concrete dust and damage.
6. We cut an opening of the desired size between the kitchen and the room.
7. We clean and dispose of garbage.
8. We remove the film from the walls and the protective coating from the floor, then dry clean the room.
9. At the customer's request, we carry out painting work where the doorway was cut.

Example No. 2

The client has already made an entrance to the kitchen from the room and increased the area of the bathroom due to a small corridor. But it was done a long time ago, by the owner of the previous apartment, without a project and approval.
In order to dispose of such property, it is necessary: an auditor will come from us, who will conclude whether the changes in the apartment's layout have been made in accordance with modern safety requirements and help the client choose the best solution.
1. Our team prepares a project that shows the changes that need to be made so that the housing meets modern safety requirements.
2. Submitting the construction project to the building register for coordination with the city government
3. If necessary, our construction team will make changes that are indicated in the project.
4. Preparing the necessary construction documentation.